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Kerbside Glass Recycling

by jamescalder on 6 October, 2018

At the Full Fife Council Dunfermline South Liberal Democrat Councillor James Calder proposed a feasibility study for bringing in kerbside glass recycling to Fife. The Administration opposed holding this feasibility study. Cllr. Calder has said, In certain local authorities such as Edinburgh we have kerbside glass recycling boxes that the Council collects. This ensures glass […]

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Concerns over Future Maintenance of Green Areas

by jamescalder on 13 September, 2018

On Page 55 point 3.12 of the agenda of yesterday’s North East Fife Area Committee, Parks, Streets and Open Spaces are proposing to challenge, renegotiate or terminate legally binding contracts in perpetuity to maintain green areas in areas of ‘private land’. Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dunfermline South James Calder is concerned if this is rolled […]

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Pitcorthie Burn Update

by jamescalder on 26 July, 2018

I have continued to have issues raised regarding the burn along Pitcorthie and I have been making investigations into this. As many of you will know the burn is in a poor state. There have been a number of reports of rats around the area too. In areas there are issues such as Japanese Knotweed […]

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More Delays to Recycling Point CCTV

by jamescalder on 14 June, 2018

For almost 6 months now CCTV at the Duloch Tesco Recycling point has been on the cards, but the project has been beset by delays. After procurement issues, the most recent delay has been due to the need for a Privacy Impact Assessment. Currently the Council are waiting for a Business Analyst to ensure tht […]

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Pitcorthie Burn Walkabout

by jamescalder on 12 June, 2018

Last week myself and the manager for Parks, Streets and Open Spaces met around 25 residents who live near the burn in Pitcorthie. Over the past year I have had a number of complaints about the burn being overgrown and issues with rats around the area. We took a walk along the burn and then […]

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Parks Disparity- An Update

by jamescalder on 4 June, 2018

A few weeks ago I wrote about the fact that despite having equivalent populations, Dunfermline receives over £400,000 less than Kirkcaldy in funding for Parks, Streets ans Open Spaces and for the time being the SNP/Labour Council Administration for the time being have no plans to change this. Kirkcaldy also has 80 full time equivalent […]

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Food Waste Bags Decision Undemocratic

by jamescalder on 24 May, 2018

Scottish Liberal Democrat Councillors Jonny Tepp, Tay Bridgehead, and James Calder, Dunfermline South,  are concerned that the recent decision to stop the delivery of free food waste bags to save £120,000 was based on a flawed process. They are calling for the decision to be overturned pending a proper consultation process.  Both Councillors had received […]

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Continued Issues at Recycling Sites

by jamescalder on 13 April, 2018

Flytipping problems are continuing at Recycling points. Recent incidents include toilets and sofas being dumped at the site at the Duloch Tesco for example. The Council are currently conducting a review into recycling provision. I have also raised the issue with colleagues in the Fife Liberal Democrats to look into new strategies. I am hoping […]

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Flytipping Problems Continue

by jamescalder on 16 January, 2018

Over the past few months we have had serious issues with flytipping in the ward. The Duloch Tesco and Abbeyview Recycling facilities have been particularly bad examples, and I am glad the Council is placing CCTV at the Duloch Tesco recycling. Flytipping issues have also been brought to my attention at the wooded area between […]

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Vandalism at Recycling Facilities

by jamescalder on 27 December, 2017

After the recent fire at a recycling facility in Abbeyview, Dunfermline, Liberal Democrat Dunfermline South Councillor James Calder has issued a plea for people to respect these facilities. Cllr. Calder has said, “It is sad that a minority of individuals abuse our community recycling facilities. There was a recent fire in Abbeyview that forced the […]

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