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GP Out of Hours Service Remains Closed

by jamescalder on 21 December, 2018

The overnight Out of Hours GP Service in Dunfermline remains closed after the decision was delayed at a recent meeting. After running a petition that has so far gained hundreds of signatures, Councillor James Calder is calling for the service to be reinstated soon. James Calder has said, It is clear that Dunfermline residents are […]

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My GP Out of Hours Consultation Response

by jamescalder on 5 July, 2018

The Out of Hours GP service proposed changes have now gone to consultation. Three options are being provided- one to maintain the status quo, one to centralise all services to Kirkcaldy and one to keep services in Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy. I have responded to the consultation and made clear my support to keep services in […]

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Full Council Meeting Report 28/06/18

by jamescalder on 4 July, 2018

Last week the last meeting of the Full Fife Council met before the Summer break. A number of substantive items were discussed. During Question Time I asked two questions last week. One was regarding a recent EIS survey which showed very low levels of teacher morale, asking how the Council would deal with this. The […]

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Out of Hours Decision Going to Consultation

by jamescalder on 27 June, 2018

The Integrated Joint Board made up of health professionals and Councillors have agreed to go to consultation on overnight out of hours GP services. The options include maintaining the status quo, which the Integrated Joint Board does not support, keeping the services in Kirkcaldy only or keeping the services in the Queen Margaret Hospital and […]

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The Education and Children’s Services Committee met earlier today and a number of substantive items were discussed. Looking back at the minutes of the previous meeting, an update on the Dunfermline and West Fife Catchment Consultation took place. There is one final consultation event taking place tomorrow at Inverkeithing High School and there is still […]

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Tomorrow there will be a meeting which will have a major impact on the Out of Hours GP Services Across Fife. The meeting will make a decision to launch a consultation which will feature the future of this service. There are plenty of concerns about this from across Dunfermline and West Fife, as I have […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week

by jamescalder on 16 May, 2018

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and as a subject that is very close to my heart, due to family experiences with mental health issues, I thought I would briefly write about this. It is very important that mental health is given greater levels of support than it currently is. I know of both […]

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GP Out of Hours Closure Meeting and Petition

by jamescalder on 15 May, 2018

Over the last few weeks there has been a significant amount of updates on the temporary¬†GP out of hours closure at the Queen Margaret Hospital, and over the last few days the Dunfermline Liberal Democrats have launched a petition and I attended as the Liberal Democrat representative a public meeting last night. I will start […]

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Out of Hours GP Closure

by jamescalder on 27 April, 2018

Recently there has been a temporary closure of the out of hours GP service at the Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline. There have been concerns raised that this could potentially become permanent and I share these concerns. Having had to use the service before, as well as being in full knowledge that the Queen Margaret […]

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West Fife Common Good Sub-Committee 17-04-18

by jamescalder on 20 April, 2018

On Tuesday this week the West Fife Common Good Sub-Committee met – on the agenda was a proposal to provide funding for the Queen Margaret Hospice Garden Project. There was unanimous support for this proposal. It was noted the recent unwelcome news that out of hours GP services have been temporarily removed from the hospital, […]

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