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Virtual Schooling Positive but needs fine-tuning

by jamescalder on 29 June, 2020

With school pupils in Fife Council UK have used the GLOW system, it is clear the system has helped ensure education continues but there are questions over how effective the system has been. Over the course of the lockdown period we have seen pupil use of GLOW specifically, to fluctuate between 75-88% of Secondary Age […]

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Keep parking free when shops reopen

by jamescalder on 22 June, 2020

Dunfermline South Liberal Democrat Councillor James Calder has been leading the campaign for free Sunday parking charges in Dunfermline, and is now calling for parking to remain free as shops are set to reopen from 29 June as restrictions are eased. Cllr. Calder has commented, Last year after our campaign to end Sunday parking charges, […]

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Children cannot be left behind

by jamescalder on 29 May, 2020

Fife Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson Councillor James Calder has reacted to the extension to schools being shut down until late August. He has warned we cannot risk letting any child be left behind. Councillor Calder has said, Overall I believe the Scottish Government has made the correct decision in not reopening schools yet. We have […]

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Nursery place response

by jamescalder on 8 May, 2020

Parents across Fife have received letters with their children’s nursery place allocations and a number have raised concerns with Fife Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Councillor James Calder. He has previously voiced worries regarding the issues related to the roll out of the 1140 hours of early learning and childcare in relation to nurseries. Councillor Calder […]

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Grass cutting returns

by jamescalder on 29 April, 2020

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dunfermline South James Calder has welcomed a return to grass cutting by Fife Council’s Parks, Streets and Open Spaces Department. This is set to resume alongside the garden care scheme for vulnerable residents. Councillor Calder has said, It is very good news that the Council is able to restart activities in […]

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Coronavirus not an excuse for dog fouling

by jamescalder on 16 April, 2020

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dunfermline South James Calder has been inundated with complaints from residents regarding an increase in dog fouling over the past few weeks. In particular one issue has been some people using their bags but throwing them into trees and green areas rather than in bins. Cllr. Calder has said, Being on […]

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Supply Teachers to be Compensated

by jamescalder on 14 April, 2020

Supply teachers in Fife and across Scotland are to be compensated for a loss of earnings due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Fife Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson Councillor James Calder has welcomed this development which details can be found here: https://www.eis.org.uk/Content/images/corona/JS-20-78.pdf Cllr. Calder has said Like so many people, supply teachers out of no fault of […]

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My message on Coronavirus

by jamescalder on 29 March, 2020

At a meeting of the Full Council the Liberal Democrats put forward a motion which led to the Council agreeing to consider funding for healthcare facilities such as GP surgeries as part of the conditions for future housing developments. Councillor James Calder welcomed this and said, As we have seen in the recent developments in […]

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Liberal Democrat Response to Immigration Debate

by jamescalder on 18 March, 2020

The SNP brought forward a motion regarding immigration at Fife Council. Fife Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Councillor James Calder led the the Liberal Democrat response. James Calder said, The current immigration plans by the Conservative Government are economically illiterate and mean that many of our sectors face a major labour shortage. However the SNP motion […]

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