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A recent proposal has been made which the SNP and Labour-led Fife Council Administration are looking into which would mean that much of the green areas of Pitcorthie would no longer be maintained by Fife Council. Councillor James Calder is opposing any attempts to end commitments made by the Council when the estate was first […]

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Abbeyview tree removals Taking too long

by jamescalder on 10 January, 2019

Councillor James Calder has been demanding action from Fife Council and Fife Housing Group to resolve the issues regarding overgrown trees in the estate just off Aberdour Road. James Calder has said, Residents are rightly angry that the trees in the estate have been left overgrown over the years. While I know Fife Council and […]

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Pitreavie Primary Parking Issues

by jamescalder on 22 December, 2018

Earlier this week I met with members of the South Dunfermline Community Council and the Council’s Transportation Department to look at the parking issues at Pitreavie Primary School. This allowed us to review the problems caused by inconsiderate parking by a minority of parents. Issues included some parking on the roundabout, by junctions and over […]

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GP Out of Hours Service Remains Closed

by jamescalder on 21 December, 2018

The overnight Out of Hours GP Service in Dunfermline remains closed after the decision was delayed at a recent meeting. After running a petition that has so far gained hundreds of signatures, Councillor James Calder is calling for the service to be reinstated soon. James Calder has said, It is clear that Dunfermline residents are […]

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Duloch Tesco Recycling CCTV to be installed imminently

by jamescalder on 14 December, 2018

At yesterday’s Full Council Meeting Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dunfermline South James Calder the delays in installing the CCTV at the Duloch Tesco Recycling Point. The Council Administration responded that the Council now has the equipment and it should be installed imminently. Cllr. Calder has said, At last there seems to be an end in […]

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Duloch Tesco Recycling CCTV

by jamescalder on 27 November, 2018

At today’s City of Dunfermline Area Committee it has been indicated that there is still no significant progress in putting in place CCTV at the Duloch Tesco Recycling. Local Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dunfermline South James Calder is unhappy at the delays. Cllr. Calder has said, Many constituents are rightly furious that it is taking […]

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Grit Bin Removal Shortsighted

by jamescalder on 21 November, 2018

Over the past few weeks I have been contacted by constituents across Dunfermline South regarding the removal of grit bins. This is an unfortunate consequence of a decision made the the SNP and Labour Council Administration earlier this year. While I have made representations to try and get some of these grit bins reinstated, I […]

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Amazon Visit

by jamescalder on 29 October, 2018

A number of Councillors and Council staff attended a meeting at Amazon today. Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dunfermline South James Calder asked about issues regarding lorries in the area. Cllr. Calder has said, Today’s visit to Amazon was very positive. Over the past year a number of constituents have raised issues regarding lorries driving through […]

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Getting our roads repaired

by jamescalder on 22 October, 2018

Around Fife there are a number of issues with roads, and I have always worked to try and get roads in Dunfermline South repaired where possible. I am pleased to say that Transportation, after it was raised to me by residents, will be making repairs to Forman Grove and Dovecot Wynd. They have also stated […]

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At today’s Full Fife Council Meeting, Fife Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson and Councillor for Dunfermline South James Calder asked the Council  a question on whether options other than the mooted joint campus with Fife College were being considered for replacing Woodmill and St Columba’s. Cllr. Calder has said, Many constituents have raised concerns about a […]

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