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Councillor James Calder pushes for action on bin collections at Full Council

by jamescalder on 9 June, 2022

At the meeting of the Full Council, Fife Liberal Democrat Deputy leader Councillor James Calder raised the issue of missed bin collections this year in Fife and has pushed for action by the Administration.

Councillor Calder has said,

Tens of thousands of bins have not been collected so far this year. As the Council prioritises landfill bins, this means for recycling bins many are now facing an eight week wait for bin collections.

We need to be encouraging recycling and this is going to have a major impact locally. There needs to be an improvement as well as an attempt to try and avoid the situation where people face these waits.

I raised this at the meeting of the Full Council. The Administration agreed that this is an issue and I would urge them to find a solution to make sure this problem is dealt with so recycling is collected on time or at least not having to wait another cycle for the collection.

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