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James Calder elected new Dunfermline Area Convener

by jamescalder on 31 May, 2022

At the City of Dunfermline Area Committee, Liberal Democrat Councillor James Calder was elected as the new Convener and Labour Councillor Gordon Pryde was elected as Depute Convener, by six votes to five in each case.

Councillor Calder has said,

It is an honour and a privilege to be elected as the first Area Convener for Dunfermline after it has been awarded official City Status

I know we are going to have an exciting few years ahead of us and, while we have a number of challenges, we also have so many opportunities for the City of Dunfermline.”

I look forward to working with councillors from all parties, in supporting our local communities across our city, supporting local businesses in recovering from the effects of pandemic and the cost of living crisis as well as supporting our local public services.

I also want to pay an enormous tribute to my predecessor Helen Law. Helen has worked tirelessly for Dunfermline over the past decade as the local area Convener and has done a huge amount to achieve our city status.

I look forward to continuing this work along with Councillor Gordon Pryde, who I know will make an excellent Depute Convener for Dunfermline.

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